Positive airflow ensures safe assessment

The solution to a global problem

Frontline medical staff throughout the world have suffered disproportionate casualties from the COVID-19 outbreak due to its high infectivity through both droplet and aerosol contamination. With millions of people being tested each week, there must be a safer interface between medical workers and potentially infected patients. POSIStation solves this problem by using positive air pressure and flow to protect medical professionals in contagion assessment applications.

How it works

Built inside a modified 20-foot shipping container,
POSIStation provides an easily accessible patient area
and an environmentally controlled safe zone for medical staff.

Positive Air Flow

A positive pressure fan draws in fresh air, pressurizing the medical staff area and safely ensuring that the flow is always in an outwardly direction into the patient area open to the outdoors.

Greatly Reduces PPE Use

The safe environment protects the medical staff from both droplet and aerosol contamination, greatly reducing the need for N95 masks and other associated PPE. This promotes a friendly patient/visitor interface while still separating testing from patient care.

Portable and Easy to Ship

POSIStation is portable, easy to ship, deploy and store. It’s a shipping container. It’s also suitable for non-medical use in applications requiring a safe interface with workers or the public.

Safe Interaction Experience

POSIStation features a large consultation window with a speak-through grille. The innovative assessment window system facilitates the taking of temperatures, swabs and blood samples.

Keeping our frontlines safe.

Medical professionals are our heroes. Not just during a global crisis, but always. Keeping them safe ensures the continued safety of our communities.

Exceeding ASHRAE Standards

Environmentally controlled medical staff area

The POSIStation medical staff area is a separated 8′ x 12′ zone that is insulated, heated and cooled. It has its own entry access. The high-efficiency fan and filter system exceeds ASHRAE standards for air pressure and flow and includes full-time monitoring and alarms. The monitoring app provides real-time data on the included Windows based tablet. The unit has an overall low power requirement. Construction is simple and low-cost, using easily-sourced materials. Each POSIStation is inspected by ESA to ensure electrical safety.

Efficient and Effective Design

From a simple 20-foot shipping container to a highly efficient remote testing unit, the POSIStation is a necessity in times of a global pandemic, and for future use when safe interaction with staff and the public is required. Built to order, the POSIStation can be constructed, shipped and deployed at your site quickly. Training and procedural considerations are included in a comprehensive manual, provided with each unit.

POSIStation COVID19 Screening Test Center

Patient side showing consult and assessment windows.

Medical staff side showing drop tube, contactless window slider, fan speed control, and real-time pressure monitoring/alarm system.

Large fresh air filter and disperser ensure quiet operation and eliminates effect of drafts.

Drop tube extends deep into sample bag ensuring no contamination of exterior surfaces.

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